Understanding The Temperament Scale

Anyone that has bought horses before will undoubtedly have come across the “temperament scale” at one point or another. This will often be displayed in a numerical range and can help the buyer understand what kind of temperament they can expect from the animal that they are buying.


A Guide To Bonding With A New Horse

One of the reasons that people love horses so much is due to how alike they are to us. They’re intelligent, thoughtful, and have their own pleasures and fears. When getting a new horse, it’s not uncommon for the animal to be difficult to get along with at first, often because it has its own set of fears and anxieties.


Harmful Plants And Weeds To Horses

Having horses means providing the best care possible, including healthy food, good training, and plenty of room to run around. Horses are most often bred on stud farms, meaning that the horses will have access to large pieces of land, and while this is a good thing in terms of exercises and controlling stress, it also means that a horse might accidentally come across a plant that could cause it harm.


Foods That Greyhounds Should Always Avoid

Greyhounds food to avoid

The human liver is considered as one of the most advanced in the world, capable of filtering and metabolising an extremely wide range of foods, compounds, chemicals, and more. When it comes to other animals, such as our pets, the same can’t be said.

With relatively small livers that simply aren’t as effective, greyhounds – like other breeds – are susceptible to a variety of illnesses that can arise from eating the wrong foods. To keep a dog healthy, it’s important that it avoids specific foods as much as possible. Not only can the following foods lead to illness, but sometimes even being ingested by the dog can cause long-term damage and often death.


Training Your Foal To Race

Just because a foal is a baby doesn’t mean you can’t get started on their training to turn them into the best racer they can be one day. They will learn a lot from their mother out in the pastures, as well as the other grown up horses in the fields. This will largely about how to be a good well-mannered horse.


How To Care For Your Horse

Pat Parelli, who is a master horseman and has an uncanny ability to read horses, is known for saying the following: “A horse doesn’t care much about you until he knows how much you care.” So, to make sure that you are able to take care of him or her – as they deserve to be taken care of – we have put together a beginner’s guide to show you what the basics of horse care are.


Points To Consider Before Breeding Horses

One of the biggest mistakes that beginner horse breeders make is breeding their favourite horse simply because it’s the one they like the most – and it often leads to a number of problems that could have been easy to avoid.

Depending on the reason for breeding, there are plenty of factors to consider, and if they’re ignored, it can lead to the horse becoming “unwanted”, something that has become a serious problem around the world. These are some important points to consider before becoming a long-term breeder.