7 Cool Facts about Greyhounds

7 Facts About Greyhounds

Dog lovers know that there is a great variety and number of different breeds, and each has its own singular history, distinctive personality traits, and unique physical characteristics.

Dog lovers who also enjoy NZ betting, however, will have particular interest in the greyhound. This breed has a number of surprising and uncommon attributes, all of which make them the perfect fit for the sport itself, and also a great option as a pet.

1. Greyhounds are a Breed Springing from Ancient Egypt 

There are not many dog breeds that can trace their histories as far back as the greyhound: 3000 BC, to be exact. Sculptures in stone relief, statues, and paintings often depict these slender canines with their pointed ears and faces.

Greyhounds were linked to Anubis, the jackal god. As domesticated pets, they were frequently buried with the same solemn pageantry that their owners would one day receive, and it was believed that they spent the afterlife in the Field of Reeds, thereby living forever.

2. Greyhounds are the Fastest Dog Breed in the World 

From the earliest accounts that we have of these dogs, they were known for their incredible speed.

When clocked against other dogs, greyhounds will almost always come out on top, thanks to their runs hitting 45 mi/72 km per hour.

Greyhounds were designed for speed: their long legs, smooth coats, and streamlined forms combine with a lean and lightweight build in order to get them to the finish line that much faster.

3. The 40 mph Couch Potato 

As fast as these dogs are, when not engaged in racing activities they are very likely to lounge as much as the next lazy guy.

They are definitely not dogs that are overactive, and enjoy relaxing and resting quietly. 

This racing dog has a long and interesting history.

4. You Had to be a Noble to Own One 

Back in the Middle Ages, greyhounds apparently almost became extinct, but the clergy is said to have been instrumental in the preservation of the breed.

These dogs were made mention of in England’s Canute Laws, in around the year 1014, and only the aristocracy were allowed to have them as pets. Additionally, anyone responsible for the death of one of these dogs was executed!

5. The Greyhound is Diana’s Dog 

Diana, the goddess of the hunt, the moon, and nature, according to Roman mythology, is often pictured with a greyhound. They ostensibly provided her with both companionship and protection on her journeys.

6. The Bible Mentions Greyhounds 

The greyhound is referenced in the Bible, although, depending on which scripture version of this book you are checking, the dog is sometimes substituted for a strutting rooster. They come up in Proverbs 30:29-31:

There be three things which go well, yea, four are comely in going: a lion which is strongest among beasts and turneth not away for any, a greyhound; and the goat also; and a king, against whom there is no rising up.

7. They are Awkward When Sitting 

Of course greyhounds are able to sit, but the structure of their muscles makes it difficult for them to appear comfortable doing so.

It is possible to train your greyhound to sit in a proper fashion, especially if you start the training early on, but be aware that it is an endeavour that he may well balk at. Most greyhounds prefer lying down or standing to sitting.