8 Great Reasons to Adopt a Greyhound

Greyhounds are wonderful pets, and whether you adopt a puppy or an adult dog you’ll soon find they are a wonderful addition to your family.

If you’re wondering if a Greyhound is the right dog for you, consider the following factors as to why they make the most awesome pets:

1. Ideal Apartment Dogs

Due to the fact that they are raced, many people have the misconception that Greyhounds require huge gardens and space to run.

The opposite is actually true, and these dogs make great pets for those living in apartments, as they are happy to laze around all day while you play at casinositescanada.net/review/river-belle mobile casino or watch movies. They do however need a walk once or twice a day to burn off excess energy.

2. Great for Active Lifestyles

Just as they are happy relaxing at home, they also enjoy an active lifestyle, so if you are looking for a dog to take jogging or hiking, they are perfect.

They also have wonderful polite natures and are easy to train so they are the perfect travel buddy or exercise companion.

3. Easy to Train

Greyhounds are easy to train and this makes them a great choice of pet for families, couples or single people.

A well-trained dog is also welcome in far more places than one that is unruly, ill behaved or downright defiant

4. Excellent Mannered Dogs

In addition to being easy to train, Greyhounds also have great manners and are rather reserved, naturally. They are also mild mannered and clean and gentle, and this makes them perfect pets.

Usually they are good with meeting people and are quite loving and affectionate, and if not they are simply aloof rather than aggressive.

5. Great Family Pets

Thanks to their mild manners and easy going, laid back nature, Greyhounds make wonderful family pets.

They are sweet and gentle and generally good with kids of all ages too, and they fit in well with a family that has an active lifestyle as well.

6. Low Maintenance Grooming

Many people love Greyhounds as they require little grooming and don’t shed hair on everything. They have shorthaired coats and this ensures they don’t need hours of brushing every week.

Plus, they are known to not be shedders, and they rarely smell bad or need a bath. If they spend most of their time lazing around they may need their nails clipped or a “pawdicure” from time to time, but that’s about it.

7. A Breed With Longevity

Greyhounds are healthy and robust and they generally tend to have a longer than average life expectancy when compared to other breeds of the same size.

Their average life expectancy is around 10-13 years, but many have been known to live even longer.

8. Perfect 1st Time Dogs

If you’ve never had a dog as a pet before, a Greyhound is ideal. It is low maintenance, easy to train and mild mannered, and it will fit right in with most families.

Plus, they are the perfect companion dogs, so you’ll form a close bond easily.