Boredom Busters for Greyhounds

Although Greyhounds are usually quite content to laze most of the day away after a good walk, or in anticipation of one, they may get bored, and with boredom comes destruction. If you want to stop your Greyhound from becoming bored, these boredom busters are the best!


Rubber Kongs are strong, durable and perfect for keeping your dog occupied for ages while you go about your day or play at Malaysian mobile casinos. These rubber toys can be filled with yummy treats that your dog will need to work out how to get out, and this not only keeps them busy, it tires them out too.

Buster Cubes

These cubes are an excellent option for anyone who has a Greyhound that eats too fast too. The food is put into the cube and the dog must move it around to make it fall out. The amount of food can vary too, and you can load the block with treats or a whole meal if preferred.


While its not really safe to feed your dog bones unattended, and cooked bones are always a no-no, marrowbones that are big enough to be chewed on but not swallowed are a good option. These bones can last for ages, and when you see they are cracked, you can simply toss them away. If your Greyhound has eaten the marrow out, you can also stuff the bones with peanut butter, as this gives them something to work for.

Toy Swap Overs

If your dog has loads of toys they may get bred of them all, all at once. To alleviate boredom swap toys out on a regular basis so they have something ‘new’ to play with.

Puzzle Toys

Treat puzzle toys can keep your dog busy for hours. Whether it’s a ball filled with treats that sheds nibbles s it rolls in a certain way, or a 2l cool drink bottle with holes cut in it to do much the same, there are plenty of brain straining puzzle type toys you can buy or make.

Sand Pits

While you don’t want to encourage digging, giving a dog access to a sand pit for an hour or so at a time is a great way for them to burn off energy. They can bury their toys, dig and roll in the sand and generally have fun, just like a child!

Hide ‘n Seek

If you have some time, play Hide ‘n Seek with your Greyhound. You can hide toys or treats around the house or garden and then tell them to ‘seek’. This not only alleviates boredom, it is also great way to teach them to use their nose.

Frozen Treats

In warmer months you can freeze your dogs toys or treats in blocks of ice and get them to lick it until the toy or treat is free. If you like, you can make the ice tasty by adding a bit of stock to it, or bone broth. This is also great way to keep your dog cool and hydrated when temperatures soar.