4 Common Health Issues Found in Greyhounds


When it comes to breeds like the Greyhound, many people around the world are adamant on keeping their dog’s offspring as pure as possible, which means that crossbreeding is almost entirely unheard of. While this has become more unpopular in recent years, purebred breeding is still fairly common, especially when it comes to Greyhounds.

Whether you are for or against breeding, there are some factors about pure blood breeding that can’t be denied, and one of these is health. In nature, if an animal has a particular health issue, the only way it can be effectively weaned out of the species is through mixed breeding, where the offspring of the parents sometimes won’t inherit the health issue, instead taking genes from the healthier parent.

This isn’t the case when breeding animals, and as such, health issues tend to remain within a family of animals, and in fact, throughout an entire bloodline.

Whether you’ve adopted a Greyhound after seeing it on eSports betting Australia, or want to participate in breeding yourself, these are some of the more common health issues that affect Greyhounds, especially as they get older.


This is one that is especially prevalent among Greyhounds, and it’s also often fatal if not caught early.

The most common type if bone cancer, which has led to the death of many Greyhounds. It’s hard to pick up, but signs to look out for include general weakness, increased hunger but loss of weight, and any growths on their body.

If any of these are noticed, the dog should be taken to the very immediately.


This is another one that affects many Greyhounds, and is usually found in medium-sized dogs. It’s a gastrointestinal syndrome that causes their stomach to expand with air, which can in turn cause the stomach to twist in on itself.

It’s an extremely serious condition and can usually kill a dog within a few hours. Symptoms include pacing, restlessness, drooling, pale gums, and signs of pain. Surgery is almost always a necessity, and even then, the dog’s chances of survival are often slim.

One reason bloat is so common is because of how the dogs are fed, which is usually from a bowl that’s on the floor. Raising the bowl up with a small table is advised, and allows the dog to eat at a more natural and healthy level.

Heart Problems

Greyhounds tend to have bigger hearts relative to their size, and because of this, they can develop some heart issues. One of these is a heart murmur, as well as elevated blood pressure.

Heart issues in Greyhounds are sometimes misdiagnosed, and it can require taking the animal to a specialized vet in order to deduce exactly what the problem is.


As many Greyhounds that are adopted tend to be ex-racers, they may suffer from problems that originate from a life of racing around the track.

Hip, neck, and joint problems are fairly common, and warrant extra care, especially if the dog tends to be older.

Despite their various health problems, Greyhounds are still loving, sweet animals that have a lot to give their owners, and as long as they’re fed well and have regular check ups, most problems can be avoided.