Everything You Didn’t Know About Greyhounds

While these speedy dogs are famous for their racing skills, there’s a lot more to the dogs than meet the eye.

Rabbits Beware…

A sport that commenced in Ancient Greece (and finally moved to England), hunters and their greyhounds participated in events, in which dogs would count on sight, as an alternative than scent, to chase down their prey. (The possibility for the proprietors to exhibit off their dogs’ athleticism was considered greater important than the real hunting.) Coursing eventually led to canine racing and, in 1912, the invention of the mechanical rabbit.

In Case You Missed It, They’re Fast

Thanks to their lean bodies and long, powerful legs, greyhounds can reach speeds up to forty-five mph, and it solely takes three strides for them to reach 30 mph. (For context, the fastest pace for a racehorse is 43 miles per hour.)

If you watch them in action, you’ll word that the dogs pick up all four feet at two factors when they run: Once when their legs are extended and a 2nd time when their legs are tucked below their bodies. As a result, the puppies appear to nearly waft through the air. This four-time gait is known as a double suspension gallop.

They Can See Everything

Greyhounds have skinny heads with widely spread eyes. This uncommon eye placement offers the dog 270 diploma vision, which means they can see some of the returned of their head. In comparison, human beings can solely see a hundred and eighty degrees, with very little peripheral vision.

They Are Unaware Of Their Size

Greyhounds do now not belong in the tiny pup class, however, they act like it. These medium-sized dogs have no trouble climbing into your lap when you play Bingo Australia games, and asking to be picked up the minute you sit down.

Their Muscles Make Sitting Difficult

Greyhounds can sit, however they don’t revel in it. Thanks to their very tight muscles, the puppies have to bother sitting like different breeds—it’s rare for their bums to touch the ground when they hunker down. Most greyhounds decide for standing or mendacity on something satisfied instead.

They’re Lazy

You may view greyhounds as energetic and athletic, however, they have a lazy side as well. They have even been referred to as the fastest couch potatoes, as they enjoy nothing more than being lazy when indoors – a stark contrast to their sport nature. Of course, there’s no denying that dogs take after their owners, so if you’re lazy, your pup will be lazy too.

Save A Retired Race Dog

When racing greyhounds are ready to retire, they need special families to take care of them. There are a variety of organizations that in rehoming these special dogs into homes that understand their needs. Greyhounds are clean, quiet, and gentle pets, however, that doesn’t imply they’re for everyone. Do the quintessential research to discover out if a greyhound is the best pet for you.