Raw Food Vs. Pellets- What’s Best For Greyhounds?


Like all pets, Greyhounds require a healthy balanced diet and Greyhound owners should always endeavour to feed their pets the best quality food that they are able to afford.

There are many brands on the market, some of these do not provide the nutrition a Greyhound needs.  Some of the cheaper brands may even in some cases endanger the health of your of your pet.

It is recommended that Greyhound owners do no feed their dogs with tinned food as many of them contain fillers that could cause intestinal problems.  A sure sign that a certain brand of tinned food is not working for your dog is that they will suffer from diarrhoea after eating the food and then it is time to stop using that particular brand.

Pet owners should try as far as possible to feed their dogs food that is unprocessed and pure.

A Greyhound with a healthy coat, skin and eyes is a sign that your pet is happy and healthy.  Their coat should be bright and shiny, their skin smooth and healthy and their eyes bright and clear and all of these are a good indication that the dog is in good health.

Greyhounds are known for sleeping for long lengths of time and younger dogs will often have short bursts of energy and enjoy playing.  In order for pet owners to ensure a healthy lifestyle they should use high-quality food that gives their dog all of the nutrients they require for their day.

Limit Intake of Human Food

The food that humans eat and that of dogs are not a good combination and many pet owners make the mistake of feeding their dog’s human food, which is not a good idea and can often have a bad outcome for the Greyhound.

As a treat every now and again human food is fine, but it must be limited and only given in small quantities.  The treat should be pure, properly cooked and should not be seasoned, not be too salty or fatty. Much like when enjoying the eSports betting Australia has to offer, balance is key, and this should apply to every area of your lives too, and your dogs!

There are many Greyhound owners who feel that commercial dog foods contain ingredients that often contribute to health problems such as allergies, cataracts, seizures, infections, skin issues and autoimmune problems.  Many owners have noticed that switching from a commercial diet to a raw diet has sorted out many of these issues.

Dogs will also have less tartar build up and their breath will be improved in many instances.

Recommended Daily Diet

A recommended diet for Greyhounds is around 300 grams of meat each day, but this would depend on the size of the Greyhound.  Greyhound owners should also supplement the meat with vegetables, fish oil and a little dry food; this should be a good quality dry food.

The meat should not be fatty and should be cooked through well.  Any visible fat should be removed as well as any skin on chicken.  All bones should be removed from the cooked meat.

Fruit is a great addition to their diet and is a healthy treat for them.  It is important to remove all seeds, leaves and stems from the fruit.  Vegetables are also an excellent source of nutrients for Greyhounds and are also a good way to give dogs their treats such as carrots, green beans, zucchini and cucumber.

There are some vegetables which should be avoided such as onion, garlic, avocado and raw potatoes.

Greyhound owners should ensure that their pet is give a well-balanced healthy diet to keep them happy and in good condition.