The Greyhound Pet Owner FAQ


Deciding on whether to bring a dog into your home should be a carefully considered event, not something that happens on the spur of the moment. This is particularly true when it comes to bringing a specific breed into your home such as greyhound.

If you’re trying to decide whether you should adopt a greyhound or purchase a greyhound puppy from a reputable breeder, perhaps this greyhound FAQ will help you decide. However, we must mention that we highly recommend adopting a retired racing greyhound as they make wonderful pets and there are plenty looking for loving homes!

Greyhounds as Pets

  • Do greyhounds make good pets?

Greyhounds make wonderful pets and they are loyal and loving and are the perfect companion for the young and old alike. Greyhounds are gentle, easy going, intelligent, and polite.

  • How fast are greyhounds?

Greyhounds can reach speeds of up to 70kph in two short strides.

  • How old do greyhounds live to be?

The greyhound’s natural lifespan is between 12-14 years.

  • Do greyhounds shed a lot?

Unlike many other dog breeds, greyhounds only have coat of hair which makes them virtually shed-free. They have a short, sleek coat with more oil and less dander which is perfect for allergy sufferers.

The Greyhound Temperament

  • Can I keep a greyhound outdoors?

No, your greyhound should live inside for the majority of the time as their thin skin and slender frame make them unable to withstand outdoor cold or heat for extended periods of time. The perfect companion for while you enjoy online blackjack!

  • Are greyhounds hyperactive?

Quite the opposite actually! Greyhounds are affectionately known as the 70kph couch potatoes. Greyhounds were bred to run very quickly for short sprints so they conserve their energy the rest of the time.

  • Can I take a greyhound jogging?

Your greyhound can be trained to go on walks and runs with you, but it should be a gradual learning experience as it will not be the greyhound’s automatic response.

  • Do greyhounds have to run every day?

Greyhounds enjoy running just like all other dogs, but a leash walk 3-4 times a day will be sufficient. The occasional trip to the dog park will also make them very happy!

  • Can I walk a greyhound without a leash?

For the safety of the greyhound, we must insist that he/she is absolutely never walked without a leash outside of an enclosed area. Their attention could be drawn to an object and their instincts may take over without regard to their general safety. Also keep in mind that a greyhound can run 70kph so they may run for a few minutes and find itself lost and far from home.

  • Are greyhounds good with children?

Greyhounds will be happy amongst children who understand and respect pets and their boundaries.

Retired Greyhounds

  • What type of training will a retired greyhound have?

By the time you adopt a racing greyhound it would have been taught how to walk well on a leash and racing greyhounds are also crate trained.

  • How old is a greyhound when it retires from racing?

Greyhounds are generally between 18 months and 4 years of age when they are retired from racing. However, the average retirement age is approximately 2 years of age.