Top Toys To Alleviate An Animal’s Boredom

Horses, much like dogs or cats, are curious and intelligent animals that require a fair amount of stimulation throughout their lives in order to maintain good mental health.

This is especially important for those horses that are used to run races, as being under-stimulated can make the animal that much more difficult to train, along with a host of other behavioural problems that can end up being something of a serious problem.

Fortunately, there are a range of various tools that can be found online, all of which are designed to give a horse plenty of mental stimulation and help keep their boredom at bay. Of course, toys should always be paired with rigorous training and socialising to keep the animal as healthy as possible.

1. Horse Treat Feeders

Most people that own dogs would most likely have come across treat feeders, which are small, hollowed tools that can be loaded up with a variety of treats – except they are also widely available for horses, too.

They act as something of a puzzle for the animal, and they must try and figure out how to get their favourite foods out of the small holes that can be found on the feeder. It’s a serious mental workout and can keep a horse busy for many hours. It’s also a great tool for horses that tend to eat too quickly, as it forces them to slow down and work to get their treats.

2. Himalayan Salt Lick

Salt licks have always been a popular choice to keep a horse busy for hours and often longer, and Himalayan salt licks take this idea and make it even better. They are usually sold with ropes through the middle, allowing them to be hung up in a stable, giving the horse plenty of access.

These salt licks contain a wide variety of important minerals while also being free of any synthetic chemicals or additives. A Himalayan salt lick will also last many times longer than the cheaper alternatives usually found on the market.

3. Large Horse Ball

Large horse balls are an ideal toy to keep a horse from spooking easily and makes for a great toy for the pasture as well as an aid for training.

They tend to come with a high visibility colour, making it easy for the horse to find it, and thanks to the durable and textured exterior, they can last for many years while also eliminating the chance of the ball bursting after too much play, and giving the owner to sit back with a few rounds on without having to worry. It’s a good idea to introduce this toy to the animal slowly, allowing them to get used to it before having free reign over the ball.

4. Jolly Ball Horse Toy

Made by Horseman’s Pride, the Jolly Ball Horse Toy is a well-known and popular toy that has become a favourite for keeping an animal endlessly entertained.

Usually set up in a stall and hung from a rope, the toy is robust and durable, resistant to being chewed and kicked and should make for a long-term toy that will keep the horses happy while it’s stuck in its stall during the night or in increment weather.