Points To Consider Before Breeding Horses

One of the biggest mistakes that beginner horse breeders make is breeding their favourite horse simply because it’s the one they like the most – and it often leads to a number of problems that could have been easy to avoid.

Depending on the reason for breeding, there are plenty of factors to consider, and if they’re ignored, it can lead to the horse becoming “unwanted”, something that has become a serious problem around the world. These are some important points to consider before becoming a long-term breeder.


For those that are breeding horses for racing, the right genetics make all the difference. Many amateur breeders will breed two of their favourite horses without first looking at their individual genetics, and considering what traits that foal will have once it’s born. It’s important to know what traits make for a good racing horse, and then select a mare and stallion that strongly display the wanted traits. This significantly lowers the chance of getting an unwanted foal that is not able to make it in the racing world.


The temperament of a horse dictates how difficult or easy it will be to train in the long-term, and the type of temperament the horse will have is almost always passed down from its parents. A positive temperament paired with good conformation is the perfect combination for a racing horse, and will mean that they will be easier to train and won’t cause too much of a fuss when they’re in a bad mood.


Raising a foal and training it into a professional racing horse takes an incredible amount of time and resources, and it’s something that only someone dedicated and willing is able to do over the long term. The effort necessary can mean having to spend every single day taking care of the foal’s needs, from feeding it, cleaning it, training it, and making sure it’s up to date with all of its vet needs. It’s by no means a small undertaking, and it’s why many trainers devote their entire lives to ensuring their foals grow up strong and ready for the race track.


Along with the time necessary to raise a foal, it can also be one of the biggest money-sinks in the world. Looking after a pregnant mare to start with – which includes all of the vet bills, feed, and extra care – can quickly add up, and that’s before the goal is even born. Once it is, the costs continue to climb; and the vet bill for the first year alone can often be enough to put a breeder under serious financial pressure, so it’s a good idea to get started winning by playing slots for real money as early as possible.


Most racing breeds are fairly large and require plenty of food to stay healthy, and it means that the breeder will need the right accommodation to ensure that their horses are warm and safe. Along with a warm place to sleep, the area will also need adequate fencing, and lots of extra room for training.