Different Types and Breeds of Horses and What They’re Best Suited To

Horses are majestic and powerful animals that have been domesticated for thousands of years. They have played a vital role in human history and continue to be used for a variety of purposes, including transportation, agriculture and leisure activities as riding and racing.

What you may not know is that while there are several different breeds of horses, they also fall into different categories, so to speak. Each type of horse has its own unique characteristics and traits.

Here is a brief overview of some of the most common types and breeds of horses.

  1. Riding Horses

Bred for their athleticism and ability to be ridden and trained, riding horses are used for various equestrian activities. You may even be able to bet on some of these activities if you enjoy sports betting and NZ gambling online. They tend to come in a range of sizes and breeds – although availability will differ depending the part of the world in which you reside. A few breeds of riding horses include Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred and Arabian horses.

Riding horses are some of the most domesticated and tend to be used for going out on long, relaxed beach rides as well as for doing tricks and displays at specialised equestrian competitions. It all depends on their specific breed, temperament and skill level.

  1. Gaited Horses

Much like riding horses, the term used for these animals gives a pretty good hint at what they’re known for. Gaited horses are renowned for their smooth, comfortable gaits that tend to make them ideal for long rides. They are popular for trail riding and other leisure activities. Examples of gaited breeds include the Tennessee Walking Horse and Icelandic Horses.

Do note that gaited horses may also be riding horses, not all riding horses are necessarily gaited horses – it doesn’t automatically go both ways.

  1. Draft Horses

Typically, large and heavy, draft horses are what you colloquially call “work horses”. They were bred to work on farms, pulling heavy loads and earning their keep. They’re known for their strength and stamina and are used in a variety of work-related tasks, including the ploughing of fields and as well as the pulling of carts.

A few examples of draft horses include Belgian, Shire and Clydesdale horses.

  1. Miniature Horses

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but miniature horses are smaller than any other kind of ordinary horse. They usually stand at less than 34 inches tall at the shoulder, and they are often used as therapy animals or for specialised horse competitions.

  1. Wild Horses

Wild horses are non-domesticated horses that live out in the wild without human interaction or interference. Surviving as a herd and feeding themselves, wild horses are found in many different part of the world, ranging from the United States of America, Australia and some parts of Europe. In fact, in some places, they are protected by law and cannot be captured.

They’re renowned for their incredible strength, stamina and endurance, and are often as part of conservation efforts to help maintain healthy ecosystems.