Horse Health Care – A Guide


The basics of caring for your horses

When beginning your new obsession of breeding horses, it helps to start with the basics and focusing on the fundamental requirements horses need in order to be healthy. If you focus on these in the beginning instead of trying to produce the top racing horse, you will have happy healthy horses that are better to breed.

So when you take a break from playing Aristocrat pokies online, implement some or our entire guide for caring for your horses.

These are the basics guidelines to follow:


The most basic but important need for horse breeding is ensuring they are housed correctly and safely, this also include stabling you hire form other landowners.

– Natural elements – your horse needs to be securely sheltered against not just cold rainy weather but harsh sun as well

– Run in shelter – if you are lucky enough to have your own land, consider building a run in shelter so the horses can decide when they want to be in the elements. Have a stable with a permanent stall for your horse is also a great option, but remember you will need to spend more time exercising them

– Check for hidden dangers – you should always ensure that the environment your horse moves around in is free from plants that could poison horses or from barbed wire or indentations that could damage their legs.


The nutrition horses need can come from simple grasses, but simple it is not really the word to describe a horse’s digestive system.

– Fresh Food– the food you supply your horse should be fresh, their digestion is sensitive and mouldy hay can cause serious issues

– Fresh water – a horse should have access to clean fresh water

– Extra nutrients – Supplements can be a great way to ensure your horse remains healthy, and sometimes are necessary to ensure your horse gets their full nutrient supply

– Know your poison – make sure that you or your stable hands know what is detrimental to your horse’s health and never gets fed to them

Fundamental hygiene:

Al lot of people think horse care is all about brushing a horse down, but in reality there is a lot more to monitor and do.


As your horse teeth keep growing you need to make sure they get checked by a vet at least once a year. Letting your horses teeth get in bad shape can affect their overall health and lead to quite a few health issues.

Keep an eye out for bad breath, discomfort when using a bit or undigested hay, to make sure that your horses teeth stay in shape.


A horse’s hooves also grow continuously, so make sure you trim them regularly especially if your horse spends a lot of time in the stable and gets no natural wear and tear.

When grooming your horse, take the time to check for any potential health issues, from their teeth to the hooves. Also check for ticks or any injuries to your horse that can be treated on the spot.

Horse Health:

Horses can get suddenly sick, so ensure you keep an eye on their health and make sure to get a trusted and experienced vet to care for them.

As a horse owner you should learn the basics of horse healthcare, like take their vital signs or knowing the symptoms of curtails common illnesses. Make sure to learn about Colic, as is often afflicts horse, and make sure you keep your horses vaccinations up to date.