Worlds Most Popular Horse Breeds


The Most Popular Horse Breeds In The World

Horse breeding is almost as old as dog breeding, and it’s something that mankind has been mastering for thousands of years. The first cases of horse breeding can be dated back to past civilisations, especially in the east with the discovery of the Arabian, a breed that is still around today.

Once people had learned just how fast, agile, and strong the Arabian was, they began introducing its genes to other breeds in attempt to make them better.

In today’s era, horse breeding is one of the world’s favourite pastimes, and there are now dozens and dozens of breeds found all over the world.

From the tiny miniature pony to the massive work horse, horse breeding has become as popular as real money slots, and continues to feature in both show horses, racers, entertainers, and even as pets.

We will look at the five most popular breeds in the world and what makes them different to other well-known breeds.

1. The Arabian

The most famous horse breed of them all, the Arabian is considered by many to be the oldest horse breed in existence, first being found in the Middle East thousands of years ago.

It’s speed and endurance was quickly apparent to those that first discovered the breed, and it wasn’t long before the Arabian had made its way around the world.

Even today, the Arabian is a highly prized breed and remains as a dedicated racer among other disciplines.

2. Thoroughbred

Some of the most famous horses in history have been of Thoroughbred stock, and it is believed by many to be the most popular horse of today.

With Arabian ancestry, the Thoroughbred was designed to be a machine of speed and strength; a natural racer that would go on to dominate countless tracks throughout racing history.

There is a common misconception that a Thoroughbred is a horse that is pure stock, where it’s actually a breed of horse on its own.

3. Quarter Horse

The Quarter Horse was first bred in the United States, and has gone on to become one of the most popular breeds in the country. With its incredible bursts of speed over short distances, the breed was created for both competition racing and for the harsh trails that pioneers used to travel the country.

Today, the Quarter Horse is used mostly for racing, roping and cutting, and as recreational horses.

4. Paint Horse

A fairly unique breed thanks to its magnificent coat, the Paint is a combination of Pinto colour and western stock. Although many believe that the Paint is a breed of colour, they’re officially designated as a true breed thanks to their pure bloodlines and distinct characteristics.

5. Appaloosa

The Appaloosa was first bred by the Nez Perce tribe in the Pacific North West of America, and are well-known for their gorgeous spotted coats, often with a splash of white paint.

The breed is extremely hardy and strong, and they were used mainly as work and trail horses. Today, they are mostly used for pleasure riding and trails, and remain a popular choice for breeders.