5 Important Tips About Horse Training

Before you start training a horse there are some important basics to remember.

1. Body Language is Important

Horses seem to be fearful and that is probably because they are guided by instinct and because they are prey animals it may be the reason why they seem reserved, even scared in situations that are new to them.

It is important to watch your body language in these situations, as this will communicate to the horse that your intentions are good.

2. Lead Training

Lead training is very important and any horse should be well mannered when meeting new people.  You should train your horse to be able to walk next to you while on a lead and at the same time giving simple commands like stop or turn.

Some horses may not be as easy to train so it is important that you let your horse know who is in control.

3. Warming Up and Cooling Down

Warming up exercises are important and this means both physically and mentally before riding. You may need to do some longeing and other exercises to lay a foundation so that your horse will know what to expect. After training your horse will need to cool down and this will enable the horse to relax his muscles and rest after training.

It is important to remember that a tired horse may be difficult to train and that you make training an enjoyable experience.

4. Be Gentle

Some trainers may think a whip is necessary to control their horse, but being gentle is important to getting your horse to listen to you and a horse that is treated with kindness will not pull back or show hostility.  Giving treats is also a way of showing gentleness and as a reward if your horse does well.

Training your horse is the most important thing you do before actually riding.  Training will include groundwork and it is important not to take short cuts, especially if you are just starting out.

The first thing to teach your horse is to bend and longe and you can also teach your horse simple commands while longeing before putting on the saddle.  Your horse should first be desensitised and aware of your body to avoid being thrown off.

It may take more time that you expected for your horse to warm up to you, and to understand that training a horse is gradual. It is important that your horse is properly tamed and that it is done correctly, just like playing real money online slots, getting the right results may take some time, but they pay off.

5. Be the Leader

Being a leader is essential, your horse needs to know who the leader is and gender is not a factor.  Some horses are born leaders and will be dominant and training a horse with these qualities may be more challenging, but you will need to spend extra time showing your horse gently but firmly who is in charge.

Because horses belong to a herd it is natural that they will look for someone to lead them and will look to you as the leader and it is important that you are able to speak to them in a way they understand.