Things Other Than Riding to Do With Your Horse

Sometimes you can’t ride, and sometimes you just don’t want to. But there are a lot of different things that we can do with our horses that are just as enjoyable!

Enjoy Some Treats

Try to figure out what food your horse likes most. This information can then be used during training, to reward them when they’ve done something very well, or just as something special you give them because you love them.

Find Your Horse’s Favourite Scratching Spot

Many horses love getting scratched in one spot above all others and what better use of your free time with them than finding out exactly where that is?

Here’s a hint. It’s usually somewhere they can’t reach, like on top of their neck or on their withers. Signs that you’ve hit pay dirt include their eyes glazing over in bliss, a lip quivering in joy, or them trying to return the favour by scratching you.

Research has revealed that rubbing and scratching horses’ withers calms them, and if you can find their sweet spot you can always use it as a reward when you’re training them.

Go For a Walk

Take your horse for a walk around the neighbourhood and explore your surroundings. Let them graze, see new sights, and sniff interesting new scents. In the wild, horses usually travel vast difference each day and come across many different things on their journeys, so they’re guaranteed to enjoy this activity.

Have a Picnic

Pack a picnic for you and your equine friend to enjoy. Join them in their pasture, with food for you both, and spend some time together. You could go somewhere new too, and while they explore their new surroundings you could read a book, enjoy some Aussie sports betting on your smartphone, or join them as they take a look at all the new things in the unfamiliar space they’re in.

Just Hang Out

Spend time with your horse, just sitting in their pasture with no agenda. You may find that they come over and stand near you, enjoying doing nothing with you. Take a book with you if you find just sitting difficult, or treat this as a type of meditation.

Lead Your Horse to Water

Making horses drink may be difficult, but letting them play certainly won’t be. Find a pond, river, or waterhole, lead your horse over to it on a long lead line and let them get wet. Most will walk in, pawing the water and splashing around, especially if it’s a hot day.

Play With Their Hair

Braid your horse’s mane, and don’t be afraid to get creative. Be gentle, but remember that most horses love having their manes stroked and gently brushed.

Try Restraint-Free Training

Why not take a shot at training your horse with no control measures in place, where they’re utterly at liberty? You’ll need to make the experience a fun and engaging one to encourage them to stay with you, but it’s wonderful when they’re actually choosing to be there!