How to Choose a Suitable Retired Greyhound

While most potential greyhound owners first think of getting a greyhound puppy when considering a new additional to the household, there are in fact plenty of retired greyhounds who would revel in a happy and loving home. While the idea of a ‘retired’ greyhound might lead you to think of a dog in their golden years, most racing greyhounds retire between the age of 2-5 years and with an average lifespan of 12-14 years, these retired greyhounds still have plenty of years to provide companionship. Here’s how to choose your perfect match.

  1. Find a Good Adoption Agency

If greyhound racing is particularly popular in the area in which you live, there will be plenty of well-established retired greyhound racing adoption agencies. Most local greyhound racing websites will have a resource page listing solid adoption agencies and you can always take to forums for recommendations on the best in the bunch. Visit a few of the adoption agencies in your area and see which ones catch your eye the most.

  1. Meet with an Adoption Coordinator

It’s absolutely imperative that you meet with an adoption coordinator to discuss exactly what you’re looking for in a greyhound. Be honest and upfront regarding your expectations and wishes for your potential companion, as in this way the adoption coordinator will be able to best ascertain which dog will best match what you’re looking for. For example: do you need a dog that is good with cats, children, or other dogs? Do you require a dog that is quiet and happy to live in apartment or a more energetic companion?

  1. Review Possible Matches

Just as you would carefully consider which NZD online casino to join, so should your consideration of a greyhound be. Once you have detailed exactly what you are looking for in your retired racing greyhound, your adoption coordinator will have a few ideas regarding which dogs may be suitable. There may be more than one option, so be sure to ask plenty of questions regarding each potential match. The more information provided, the better the chances of finding the most suitable greyhound for your living situation.

  1. Meet Your Potential Matches

Once you’ve narrowed down which potential matches are best suited to your home and lifestyle, it will be time to meet these four-legged bundles of love! During these meetings you will be able to interact with the dog/s to ascertain which would be the most suitable choice. Be sure to relax and enjoy meeting the dogs and try not to be too nervous. When you’ve found the best match, you’ll know almost immediately. Trust your gut and don’t get distracted by looks.

  1. Your Perfect Match Does Exist

If your living situation seems that it may not be conducive to adopting a retired greyhound, don’t fret: there is an adoption agency and greyhound right for almost everyone. If you’re looking to provide a happy, safe, and loving environment for a greyhound, then you will certainly be able to find the most suitable greyhound. The good news is that greyhounds are adaptable and easy-going dogs, making them suited to live in many environments.

  1. Looks Aren’t Important

It’s understandable that many new adopters get hung-up on the looks of their potential matches. Go in with an open mind and be sure to make coat colour of minimal importance in your mind. The most important thing is how well your retired greyhound will acclimatise to your home and family.