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Info about Horse Training 

In the same way that the finest human athletes need to train for their endeavours, horses must consistently do so as well in order to ensure that they are in top form when the time comes for them to perform.

Horse lovers will know that there are a variety of different types of horses. There are those that are very fast over shorter distances, and those that require longer lengths to hit their prime. The latter will require more work before they begin racing.

Get into the Groove with Greyhound Racing 

Greyhounds need to start training for their racing careers at around one-year old. Because these dogs run and chase instinctively, initially their training will consist of racing after a lure dragged along the ground they need to cover. As they get older they can be taught to race around circular tracks, and the artificial lure will be lifted above the ground. At around a year and a half they will be ready to graduate to longer, oval tracks, starting boxes, and competitions.

Some greyhounds will keep racing beyond their fifth year, and even their sixth. Because these dogs are so well looked after they remain in excellent health, and can often reach 12-years of age.